I am a growing business and I....

... need technology guidance

Are you unsure as to what the next steps are to take for your business using technology? There are several different platforms to choose from and you don't know the benefits or the drawbacks for them? We can clear your mind, and steer you in the right direction. If this is you, find out more information below!

... want to develop an idea

Are you struggling to find the next steps to bring your ideas to life? Are you passionate about your new concept and are striving for success? We want to share your journey with you. Click below to find out how the KITC can help you.

... want to get online         

Do you find it difficult to use technology? Have no idea where to start on building a Website? Already have a website and think its outdated? Or do you just want a better way to sell and control the stock in your store? The KITC has worked with several businesses who want to improve their digital footprint and make their business more efficient. Find out more about our work with digital below.

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