We're the KITC!

We are a student staffed IT consultancy helping Kent's small businesses be the most digitally enabled businesses in the country.

The KITC (Kent IT Consultancy) was founded in October 2004, and is part of the School of Computing at the University of Kent. We operate as a simulated business, providing both commercial services and an educational experience in a safe and reflective atmosphere.

All our student consultants are at the University situated at either the Canterbury or Medway campuses. Many of our consultants have completed industrial placements at major companies such as Intel, IBM and Microsoft, giving them significant experience in both business and technical roles.

All relationships between the KITC consultants and their clients are managed by full-time IT professionals and are closely mentored by staff members of the School of Computing.

Some of this Year's Graduates at their congregation ceremony

Some of this Year's Graduates at their congregation ceremony

Our Mission

digital by BomSymbols from the Noun Project

digital by BomSymbols from the Noun Project

Empower Kent SMEs to embrace digital technology

  • We provide services that allow SMEs to grow their digital capability.
  • We demystify technology, and guide our customers in making confident, informed technology decisions.
  • We support our customers to build long term plans for growth using technology, and support them as they take the first steps of that journey.

Enhance the employability of our graduating consultants

  • We develop our student consultants to be “client-ready” when they graduate into industry.
  • We support our graduates to develop advanced communication skills, through client facing experience.
  • We challenge our student consultants to create value for our customers by using their innate technical skills and understanding.
capabilities by Ralf Schmitzer from the Noun Project

capabilities by Ralf Schmitzer from the Noun Project

university by Bintang Anandhiya from the Noun Project

university by Bintang Anandhiya from the Noun Project

Contribute to the University of Kent’s regional impact

  • We create lasting relationships with the University and Kent SMEs.
  • We help Kent businesses to benefit from the skills, talent and enthusiasm of our students.
  • We build a pipeline of professional graduates, ready to enter Kent’s workforce.

Our Organisation

Student Consultants

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Each year we recruit a cohort of between 25 and 30 student consultants, who are a mixture of final year undergraduates and postgraduates studying a Computing degree. Our student consultants are "digital natives" who love technology and are passionate about using it in the real world, to benefit real people and organisations. They undertake an academic module alongside their work in the KITC, which allows them to gain academic credit for the projects they complete for our customers, reflecting on how they have met a series of learning objectives.

Student Consultants are involved in every part of the KITC, from cultivating new business leads, scoping new projects, project management, project delivery, and even recruiting their replacements.


Management Team

The management team are professional services staff, employed by the University of Kent. They bring a wealth of skills and experience to support our students, and ensure that we are able to deliver commercial quality services. 

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is responsible for making sure that the KITC provides services that are relevant and valuable to small businesses. They do this whilst ensuring that we are aligned to the University of Kent's strategies and policies, and provide the right opportunities for students to succeed academically.