The KITC (Kent IT Consultancy) was founded in October 2004, and is part of the School of Computing at the University of Kent. All of students are at the University situated at both the Canterbury and Medway campuses. Many of our consultants have completed industrial placements at major companies such as Intel, IBM and Microsoft, giving them significant experience in both business and technical roles. All relationships between the KITC consultants and their clients are managed by full time IT professionals and are closely mentored by staff members of the School of Computing.

KITC Mission

The KITC’s mission is to solve business problems for local start-ups and small business, as well as making our student consultants more employable. For local startups and small businesses we achieve this by delivering 3 core services:


Technology Foundations – We deliver workshops that focus on how small businesses can harness the power of current trends in information technology in order to solve their business problems.

Guidance – We provide individual guidance to businesses by helping them to understand their IT needs, formulating these into requirements, and identifying solutions that meet these requirements.

Implementation – We help businesses implement technology solutions and provide the required training to get them up and running.

For our student consultants, the work that they do for our clients gives them the opportunity to apply their academic studies and technical experience in a real life setting. This is backed up by the provision of specific, industry focused training and support from both academics and professional IT consultants.

KITC Values

Our values support our mission and form the foundation of everything that we do:

Clarity – Every interaction with us will leave our customers with a greater understanding of their requirements, and clarity about the next step towards their solution.

Sustainability – All of our solutions use industry standard frameworks, with multiple options for support and maintenance in order to upkeep your own solution without heavy reliance on our consultants.

Integrity – Our consultants are honest and have high moral principles. We will form a great relationship with our clients and always be true with our guidance.