Application Development 

With 2 billion active Android devices and 700 million iPhones in use can your business afford to not have an application available. The KITC can assist you with the prototyping and development of applications for both platforms, helping you create your idea or expand your existing businesses reach. 

KITC Mobile Application Prototyping

We listen carefully to your requirements and understand your ideas to make them a reality. We offer consultancy services regarding the development, digitising the business processes, developing production and launch plans, looking at marketing opportunities and the cost of hosting your application. 

Ionic Creator

We produce our prototypes using Ionic Creator tool, which allows us to create applications with a combination of Ionic and AngularJS. Ionic is a foundational technology for the next generation of mobile app development and is a powerful tool offering a wide range of features. It allows us to quickly create prototypes of your idea and be able to export fully functional IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) files to install direct on your devices or submit to the App Stores. 

Throughout the development of the prototype we are able to share the work we have done via email or by offering live previews, allowing for easier design and feedback from yourself as to any changes you would like to be made streamlining the development process.

To ensure you are not left in the dark after the prototype is completed we will leave you with clear guidelines and documentation which can be used to manage and develop new features in the future by yourself even if you have limited or no coding experience.