Ashford Pirates Canoe Club

Pirates Canoe Club is a warm and friendly kayaking community where paddlers can learn in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. We have around 70 members of all ages, sexes and backgrounds so whether you are a white water junkie or have never been in a kayak before there will be something for you.

The Problem

In January 2017, the owner of the club approached the KITC with the aim of developing a website which is easier to update and maintain and contain additional features like Facebook, event calendars and ability for members to sign up to events. This was because the old site that Pirates Canoe Club had was outdated and did not have any modern website features such as social media add-ons, interactive calendars and effective analytics.




Canoe Club New Website.PNG

KITC's Solution

After evaluating three very popular website building platforms, our personal recommendation was Wix as we believed this website development platform met the needs of the Canoe Club in the most effective way. Wix met the most critical requirement of having simplistic editing and easy maintenance with features of ‘drag and drop’ development. These platforms were researched in-depth and provided to the client in a form of report, this was appreciated by the client and he went with our recommended platform (Wix).

Once deciding upon Wix, the team followed an agile approach with separate sprints, fortnightly client meetings and almost daily email communications with the client. Here the client would explain several tweaks and additional features he wanted to maximise the quality of the solution. Using resources provided by the client such as photos and videos, we utilised the creative and aesthetic Wix features such as live galleries and YouTube embedding to showcase the exciting canoe trips the club have been on! We also automated their membership joining and events booking processes by creating online forms that are far easier to manage. Perhaps the most exciting feature was the new community page where members can come to talk about trips, post photos and generally socialise with other members in a group forum. Once finalising development, the team provided the club with extensive handover documentation consisting of user guides and process walkthroughs that detailed how to use specific features, maintenance, and tips on how to get the most out of their exciting new site by utilising features such as analytics.