British Association of Film and Screen Studies (BAFTSS)

BAFTSS is a members-only society that promotes research into and critical analysis of screen-based media are central to understanding the culture, society and economy of the new century. .

The Problem

BAFTSS were happy with the look and feel of their website, but found it difficult to administer and wanted to have more flexibility over adding and removing content on the site. They also wanted help with member sign-up and renewal, which had been time consuming.

The new website is indistinguishable from the original, but has improved functionality.

Although the project turned out to be more complex than originally anticipated, KITC implemented it perfectly and the end result exactly met our requirements.

Alexander Marloe-Mann, BAFTSS

KITC's Solution

After spending time getting to know the client and their needs, we established that the member sign-up process was causing administrative problems for the association. We looked at the customer journey, including how the member data, payments and renewals were handled. From this we were able to design a new customer journey that met the needs of the client. Next we did a market scan to find applications and plug-ins that met the new requirements. We were then able to lift-and-shift the old site onto a new, self-service platform and integrate the new third-party applications that would handle the membership administration autonomously.