Colley Raine

Colley-Raine is a digital marketing communication consultancy with a unique message. 30% of their work is allocated to charities at a discount. Sarah Raine was starting the bsuiness afresh and wanted a fresh website that reflected the social responsibility she is trying to drive in the sector.

The Problem

Sarah had a growing customer-base and decided to set up Colley-Raine. She needed a website to showcase her work and to market her charitable support. She approached the KITC, as she liked the idea of giving students the opportunity to get involved in her business.

Colley Raine website

“The KITC Team delivered a flawless service in developing my new website.”

Sarah Raine, Colley-Raine Associates

KITC's Solution

As a digital marketer, Sarah was able to provide a vision for her website. The team looked at the web platforms available and mocked-up three sites that had the look and feel Sarah had described. This gave Sarah the opportunity to crystalise her ideas and the team were then able to continue the site development on her chosen template.