GoMunkee is a free, fast, and comprehensive mobile first, web app for the UK with a great user experience. It’s a digital signpost, aimed at parents, grandparents and all adults with responsibility for children in the UK. GoMunkee points to practically everything there is for children of all ages to see and do; locally, regionally and nationally. Centre around location, it searches suggests and inspires, saving busy parents precious time.

The Problem at Hand

In June 2016 the GoMunkee team approached the KITC to research options and create a proposal that could be used by the team to develop the website into a service. The following was given to the team as basic requirements:

  • Determine the client’s requirements and create a requirement schema which would form part of the basis of the research for the project.

  • Use Import.io to obtain data from the web site http://daysoutwithkids.co.uk
    Research options for a data “parser” which can be used to import the data obtained from import.io into a MySql database.

  • Using the research select the best option and create a test/proof of concept data import which can be used by GoMunkee for further development of their site.

  • The system could be expanded to include additional categorisation of the data imported.

KITC's Solution

We researched all possible options that could be taken forward to deliver GoMunkee such as AppML, Python and CKAN.

  • AppML: essentially a XML language which can be used in conjunction with JavaScript, PHP or ASP. AppML runs on any browser, it’s very easy to install and intuitive to work with.

  • Python: Using a configurable and reusable Python script, we can import the data that has been extracted into a mySQL database. To connect to import.io and the mySQL database requires editing a config.json file with relevant data from both including username, passwords, input url for import.io and database data for mySQL.

  • CKAN: An open source data platform used by many government organisations to publish data onto the web. An easy to use tool that has many extensions that link to import.io etc. that make providing opportunities for GoMunkee to further expand service functionality in the future.

After looking at these tools we felt that the most appropriate solution for Making GoMunkee happen is using CKAN in the first instance.  CKAN offers the most benefits of our options with a catalogue of different extensions, it provides the most flexible framework that we are aware of for GoMunkee. One such extension makes the systems compatible with Morph.io so that GoMunkee can pull data from numerous websites.

To prove that CKAN can be a viable solution for GoMunkee we created a proof of concept that shows how the site would look. Along with this we provided GoMunkee with a competitor analysis report containing evaluation of GoMunkee’s competitors’ website; in forms of advantages, disadvantages and a rating for different features