Helping You Assess Your Technology Needs

With technology becoming more prevalent in today's companies, we can provide guidance towards your next steps with technology as a business. Our experience with technology is constantly growing with many different cases, and our team has encountered various different platforms in order to aid organisations look for their own technical opportunities to promote business growth.

Overall, we have three main objectives that we aim to achieve for your business:

1) Development of clear and feasible requirements

2) The evaluation of off-the-shelf solutions that could be applied to meet your requirements

3) Provide a proof of concept in which we can ensure that an identified technology will work as expected


What This Means For Your Business

Stage 1 - Understanding the Business
- Through the first consultation we will achieve a shared understanding of your business and review the specific problem(s) you are aiming to resolve.
- We will prepare a requirements specification that clearly outlines the problems that we need to address in the study whilst providing a sense of feasibility and clarity to the opportunities that exist.

Stage 2 - Prioritise Requirements and Compare Solutions
- Your second consultation will re-assess requirements and prioritise them accordingly against the needs of your business and most importantly your customers.
- We will identify several technologies that meet your prioritised requirements whilst evaluating each option in order for you to make informed decisions.

Stage 3 - Analysis Delivery and Q&A
- In your third and final consultation, we will present our report with our recommended solutions from all the collated information from the previous meetings.
- You will be able to ask us questions and we will be able provide you with the next steps in your technological journey.