Evaluating Automated Testing

What was the opportunity?

HEAT is the Higher Education Access Tracker. They are responsible for helping their members monitor and evaluate outreach delivery. A large part of their service is a database for holding searchable information on outreach programmes. The database is regularly updated and HEAT were finding that they were spending more and more time testing new releases for bugs and approached KITC to evaluate whether any of their testing could be automated.


The enthusiasm and professionalism of the undergraduates who worked on that project was second to none. They provided us with a finished product that we could take forward and use in our decision making process. I cannot praise the KITC initiative enough. Thank you

What did the KITC do?

KITC spent time with the client going through their test procedures. We looked at three of HEAT’s acceptance tests and were able to find one that was suitable for automating. The procedure was simplified into groups of similar tests, which enabled us to create a requirements list. We then scanned the market for automated testing tools against this list.

What was the outcome?

We were able to advise HEAT that some of their test procedures were suitable for automation and some advice on which types. We provided them with a demonstration of one of their tests being automated and sign-posted them to the appropriate product for their needs.