JLinks: Cloud migration for remote workers

What was the opportunity?

JLinks are specialist providers of physiotherapy. The nature of their business means that each person works in a geograohical area, so there is no physical central location. JLinks wanted us to investigate the best document sharing product for their needs before they committed to the spend.


What did the KITC do?

KITC spent time understanding JLinks’ business, this gave us insight into the practical issues the team faced to ensure that we tested these with the product. We also looked at the products they were currently using to create document, emails and spreadsheets. We then did a market scan and evaluated the products against the set of requirements and compatibility. The products were then demonstrated to JLinks against their customer journey.


What was the outcome?

JLinks were able to go ahead with purchasing the right product for them with the confidence that it would integrate with their current products and we provided training and helped integrate it with their current systems.