Kervan Sofrasi

Kervan Sofrasi is a chain of Turkish restaurants located throughout Greater London. Kervan aims to offer their customers an authentic styled dining experience where customers feel as if they’re dining right in the heart of Istanbul itself.

The Problem

In January 2017, the restaurant director approached the KITC with the aims to refreshing their website services as the current site appeared outdated and out of sync. The owner was somewhat tech-savvy and was aware of the new digital opportunities available such as online scheduling, maps services and so on. The KITC were tasked with the following:

  • Refresh the website design
  • Think of new ways to add functionality and user interaction to the website
  • Independently manage the design of the website
  • Provide technical guidance (report)


Kervan Old Website.PNG


KITC's Solution

After looking briefly at various tools, we decided was the most appropriate content management system to go with as the client had already signed up to their web-building services and other offerings.

This project turned out to be quite research heavy as the client didn’t necessarily know what he wanted to start out with, however, current feedback has been very positive with the owner looking to bring the KITC consultants in on his other businesses.

The fully functioning website went live at the start of March 2017 and can be accessed at