Lean Websites

What was the opportunity?

Canterbury City Council have the job of promoting the regions towns and businesses, as well as disseminating information. The cost of building and maintaining websites that meet this requirement is bcoming more and more expensive, so they looked to KITC to see if low cost website platforms could play a role.


What did the KITC do?

We looked at they style and type of websites that the council had created in the past and looked at whether the current templates and functionality was available using the self-service website platforms. We were able to help the council understand their responsibility for accessibility in their digital media.


What was the outcome?

KITC proposed a lower cost path to building websites to the council. By looking at the overall issues, it was possible to suggest that by creating their own sites using Wordpress.com, they could then either use them for conveying their requirements to a digital agency and therefore save creativity costs, or they could get a Wordpress specialist to make the site comply with accessibility laws. To show the type of modifications that would be needed to comply