Delivering Commercial Quality

We want to deliver a service that is of commercial quality, and leaves our client's impressed by the professionalism, insight and ability of our student consultants. Because we know that this is hard, and requires careful management and planning, we have a professional management team that oversee and support our students every step of the way.

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Jason Marshall, KITC Business Manager

I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the KITC, specifically:

  • Generating a pipeline of commercial project that will give our students a great opportunity to develop as consultants, and help digitally empower our clients
  • Ensuring our project's deliver quality outcomes, and meet client expectations.
  • Recruiting each new cohort of student consultants.

Strategically I am responsible for:

  • The creation and execution of the KITC's 3 year strategic plan.
  • Development of new services to meet the emerging needs of our clients.
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders in the University and local business community

I am accountable to the Head of the School of Computing and the KITC's Advisory Board.

Awaiting a Picture!

Awaiting a Picture!

Rebecca Lloyds, KITC Project Coordinator

I am responsible for supporting our student consultants to successfully execute their projects, and to get value from the KITC's project management framework.

I work very closely with our student consultants to:

  • Provide training and assistance in our project management framework
  • Help them to plan the delivery of their projects
  • Assist them in spotting and resolving problems early
  • Forecasting and scheduling resource requirements for upcoming projects.