Improving workflow and data transfer

What was the opportunity?

Marine Accounts are a specialist accountancy firm with a growing customer base. They were moving their data among their fragmented systems and needed a way to bring it all together and automate as much as possible. They came to KITC to assess their options for moving to a more scalable way of working.


What did the KITC do?

We spent time with the client understanding their process and how the data moved through their process. From this we were able to establish that we could automate some of the processes using ‘if this, then that’ software. We then evaluated various CRMs that they could use to move and keep track of data. We liaised with their website manager to broaden our understanding of the issues.

What was the outcome?

We were able to help Marine Accounts relieve some immediate pain points and offer them a long-term solution to their scalability. We provided them with a report on their current status and steps they can take to help simplify thier process in the future.