Mini Mi

MINI MI is Rochester's premium source of clothing, accessories and Scandinavian-inspired home furnishings for young children, infants and, uniquely, their mothers.

The Problem

Soon after opening their Rochester store in late 2013, Sarah and Paige decided to put their wide selection of products online; however, they found it challenging to manage their online inventory separate from their one in-store. At the same time they wanted a more flexible and more stable eCommerce system.

image of the updated website

image of the updated website

KITC's Solution

We agreed that Shopify would best meet Mini Mi's needs, providing both a stable and user friendly eCommerce platform, and integrated Point-of-Sale support. Shopify could process their online sales but, with just a standard tablet, it could also process in-store sales and automatically update their joint inventory. This met Mini Mi's requirement for a solution being of minimal cost. While we provide all our clients with documentation, Shopify themselves provide comprehensive and straightforward online guides complete with videos and screenshots. This, combined with their Guru and Expert customer support contacts, makes Shopify a popular platform with our clients.

We migrated Mini Mi's eStore in stages:

The first stage was to copy their inventory to the new system - this proved a good opportunity to add any new products to the inventory and remove any redundant ones. Product photos, and any variants, were also updated. At the end of this stage we showed the client their new eStore and noted any suggestions and requests before continuing.

The next stage was to make various refinements to the eStore template so it mirrored the existing site as closely as possible - this would ensure the user experience remains consistent.

Lastly, the various settings were filled in, including new payment options so Mini Mi could, for the first time, accept online card payments through Shopify's dedicated payment gateway, as well as accepting Paypal payments as they had done so before.

Sarah and Paige had access to the new site throughout develpment so they could familiarise themselves with Shopify, however we also gave them a tour in-person of the features they felt they would use the most.

The site went live towards the end of October 2015 coinciding with Mini Mi's second birthday.