Pen Optical

Pen optical is an opticians based in Maidstone. They provide a service to prisoners, as well as take on prisoners and train them to be opticians. We worked with Pen Optical to automate some of their processes, so they could scale up the business.

What was the Opportunity?

Pen Optical wanted to simplify and automate some of their data transfer processes, but didn’t know where to start. They contacted the KITC for some advice on how to string their disparate systems together.


“I would recommend KITC to any small business which is struggling to implement new IT systems.”

Tanjit Dosanjh


“They allowed me to focus on running my business whilst they got on with automating our invoicing system & printing of orders.”

Tanjit Dosanjh

What did the KITC team do?

The team visited Pen Optical and were given an end-to-end journey through their glasses making process. This meant they were able to fully understand what Pen optical were trying to achieve. With this information they able to identify the real problem areas and then investigate tools that would replace or shortcut a lot of their data transfer issues.

What was the Outcome?

KITC were able to automate Pen Optical’s data transfer from eye test to invoicing. We were able to give a live demonstration to re-assure the customer that the new process would work before implementing the solution.