Composers Collective

The Problem

Sam and Jono had a business plan to support their industry. They knew which services they wished to offer, and had done some research into products that could help. However, they needed help planning their desired consumer experience. There was to be a website and possibly a mobile app, but they approached us to brainstorm a potential user interface and refine their planned offerings.



KITC's Solution

We explored potential products to power the services that Sam and Jono planned to provide, and performed a feasibility study on the software they recommended. This helped revise their expectations, which were further refined during a trio of workshops.

Eight hours of workshops took Composers Collective from a business concept to a revised detailed business plan, a set of digital wireframe prototypes, and a concept for a future mobile app. Workshops involved planning the stages a typical user would be expected to go through, refining who a typical user would be, and what a typical user would expect to find on each page. We helped Sam and Jono explore what was possible in terms of providing a unique user experience, to escape from dated and cluttered interfaces encountered on existing websites. We worked with Sam and Jono during the workshops on producing a digital prototype - visualising their ideas helped them make further considerations about the user experience.

We delivered the click-through wireframe prototype, with the ability for Sam and Jono to refine it themselves, and a Debian virtual machine with their requested software installed on it (the software we tested and compared against their expectations) so they could carry their own studies out on it. Full documentation was provided on how the software could be installed and tested if they decide to proceed with using it on their website to provide their planned services.

Client feedback

"Excellent service from KITC - Ryan, David & Alex. They were engaging and knowledgeable, not just about technical solutions but offered strong business ideas & I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as a professional services team. Their techniques for developing the business proposal from an early-stage concept through to draft user interface were well-prepared for the sessions. With the team's guidance, we developed a much better understanding of how customers will interact with the site. We came to KITC wanting to test the viability of open-source software for our business needs and develop a platform prototype. We achieved both, despite the business model being re-defined midway through the consulting period. We found the team at KITC to be intelligent, committed and good fun to work with."
-December, 2015