Shop By The Sea

What was the opportunity?

Canterbury City Council wanted to promote the bijou and niche shops in Whitstable High Street. In the past, they had had quotes from digital agencies that were beyond the available budget, so decided to see if KITC could rise to the challenge of providing a self-service website that businesses in Whitstable could use to and manage.

What did the KITC do?

The KITC consultants spent time with the client understanding the brief. The website needed to allow each participating shop to update their own page, so there was also an element of providing training material. The team mocked-up some pages for the client, so that they could discuss what they liked and to check the functionality and ease of use.

What was the outcome?

We were able to deliver a fully functioning website that met the client’s brief at a fraction of the cost of a commercial agency. We also held a train-the-trainer session so that the website could be rolled out to the local shop owners.

Shop By The Sea