Starter services

Our experience with aiding businesses with Website Development, eCommerce and Point of Sale systems is continuously growing! By consulting with you at all stages of the process, you can have a solution that enables you to run your business with more efficiency whilst expanding your digital footprint.

Website Development

Tailoring to Your Needs
We provide a platform that ensures ease-of-use for your business when updating and maintaining your new or enhanced website. Whether you have a website already and would like to develop it further, or your business needs one to be created, we can confirm an approach based on your individual needs.

Training and Support
We always ensure that we provide sufficient training so that you are comfortable with your new platform. You will have already seen your new website before it goes live and we will keep you regularly updated during the whole process. Most importantly, we usually provide customers with a support period after the service goes live, so you can ask us any questions whilst you are getting to grips with the new features. 


Take Your Business Online
Whether you are a small boutique store or operating a larger business already, eCommerce is another way to expand your customer base. It would allow customers to purchase your products 24/7 and all of that without a constant physical presence on your part.. 

Helping your Business
We can help you understand the advantages of having eCommerce as another revenue stream for your business. We will match your business requirements to one of our recommended platforms that we have had experience in implementing and supporting. Combining our technological expertise with your passion for your business, we can help you reach customers that you may not have previously been able to.

Point of Sale

Streamlining Your Business
For retailers who want to improve how their shop works and streamline order and inventory tracking, we offer a tailored Point of Sale service. It allows you to manage your store's retail stock for both online and in-store sales, combined with effective analytics to help you keep an eye on what's selling and what isn't. With the service that we provide you are able to maintain and create individual accounts for customers from any device, ensure the ability of saving baskets, being able to complete orders over the phone and have a list of customers to pass a newsletter to.