Why be a Student Consultant?


Professional Skills Development

Student Consultant, get the opportunities to build skills that will make them highly employable:

  • Project Management - scoping, estimating, planning and tracking work, and delivering outcomes together as a team.
  • Client Management - setting and managing expectations, managing exceptions, stakeholder engagement.
  • Digital Consultancy - leveraging their skills as computer scientists, our consultants help clients understand how to work more digitally. They capture the business needs of our clients, and use their "digital savvy" to find off-the-shelf solutions to meed these needs.

Check out the KITC Consultant Role Description to find out more.

Academic Learning Outcomes

Alongside the work that consultants do in the KITC, they take an academic module designed to help them achieve learning objectives that allow them to internalise and synthesis their professional skills. These learning outcomes are grouped into the following categories:

  • Technical Knowledge and Adaptability
  • Project Skills
  • Communication with Clients
  • Communication with Collegues
  • Contribution to Business Growth
  • Contribution to Quality Growth