Sustainibilty Monitor - Digital data gathering

What was the opportunity?

A Sustainability Monitor (SusMon) is a start-up research company providing competitive monitoring services. SusMon analyses the sustainability strategies of global multinationals and is developing ground-breaking research products in the subject area. They approached KITC to look at processes for data gathering and transfer.


“The KITC team understood the brief quickly and turned round the project in an impressively short period of time.”

What did the KITC do?

First, we looked at the methods SusMon currently use to gather and analyse their data. Then we were able to identify and evaluate three methods that SusMon could use to gather the data they wanted. We gave demonstrations of the quality of data each method was able to provide.


“The presentation of results and conclusions was excellent. And the recommendations are now having a direct impact on our the next stage of the company's development.”

What was the outcome?

We were able to discuss the options with the team and provide a number of feasible actions they could take and a clear roadmap for how they might develop their approach over time.