As technology is ever changing, the KITC can assist with your technological needs in all of the following areas.

Technical Guidance

Stage 1 - Understanding the Business
- Through the first consultation we will achieve a shared understanding of your business and review the specific problem(s) you are aiming to resolve.
- We will prepare a requirements specification that clearly outlines the problems that we need to address in the study whilst providing a sense of feasibility and clarity to the opportunities that exist.

Stage 2 - Prioritise Requirements and Compare Solutions
- Your second consultation will re-assess requirements and prioritise them accordingly against the needs of your business and most importantly your customers.
- We will identify several technologies that meet your prioritised requirements whilst evaluating each option in order for you to make informed decisions.

Stage 3 - Analysis Delivery and Q&A
- In your third and final consultation, we will present our report with our recommended solutions from all the collated information from the previous meetings.
- You will be able to ask us questions and we will be able provide you with the next steps in your technological journey.

Business Analytics

Structured Data

Businesses often struggle with software limitations with Excel. At the KITC we are open to levying other systems such as Microsoft Access and other available platforms to convert this into an easily manageable system.

The KITC will be able to advise you on what platform is best.  Or we can work with your original implementation and convert very large excel sheets into smaller interlinked sheets. By implementing a new structure to data it will allow you to spot new trends in your data that you may not have previously seen before.

The KITC are able to offer this service as technical mentoring meaning that you can learn to implement this with the full support of the KITC. The KITC will work alongside you in tandem, to ensure that the new structure allows you to continue to operate a maximum efficiency.

Data Visualisations

At the KITC we can assist you to turn your management data into simple interpretable graphs. Making management information clear and visual will allow the viewer to easily understand the data. Identifying Trends, analysis and promoting efficiency within an organisation.

By choosing to visualise your data you can convert large amounts of data into simple and easily interpretable graphs. Visualisations can also be used to tell a “story” by using this ability you will be able to create static graphs with annotations that can then be used to show efficiency trends, growth and other important management information.

Data visualisation does not just apply to managerial information. The KITC will be able to work with your other implemented systems such as website and based on the analytics can suggest improvements to it which may increase your web traffic.


Our Prototyping Service For Your Business

Do you have a business idea but don't have the technical knowledge to take it further? The KITC can help you with that. We can envisage your ideas with you; listening to your requirements and drawing up your vision. By developing your concept in a series of workshops, we can shape your idea into a practical series of prototypes.

The prototyping service is designed to give you a chance to demonstrate your solution but also help decide if the solution is sufficient to your business needs.  By the end of the prototyping process, we aim to have shown the feasibility of your idea as well as providing insight into next steps for your business.