Dom Education Group - Evaluating Platforms to capture student information - Business Process Quickstart

The students surpassed our expectations they delivered in a professional manner and thoroughly researched and tested before presenting their ideas. We would not hesitate to recommend this service.

Deborah Domican | Dom Education Group

What was the opportunity?

DOM Education Group (DOMEG) are a financial education company. They approached KITC, as they wanted to run relevant and tailored courses for college students, but weren’t sure how to to gain feedback from students on what their money worries were.

What did the KITC do?

We did a market scan and evaluated what tools were available for surveying and collecting feedback and how they could be used by DOMEG.

What was the outcome?

We prototyped two products using the customer journey as a guide to ensure it met DOMEG’s needs. We were able to point out the pros and cons of the product for DOMEG’s needs. This allowed them to make an informed and tested decision on which product was most appropriate for their needs.