Digital Mentoring - speeding up data analysis for Tetrad Discovery

Tetrad Discovery Ltd are Contract Research Organization based in Ramsgate in Kent, offering in-vitro analytical services to help customers support their drug discovery and development programmes.

We worked with Tetrad to help them speed up the analysis of a new histology service involving the measurement of nerve cells.

Rose O’Reilly and Adrian Herron talk about their experience of working with the KITC

What was the Opportunity?

Tetrad were developing a new analytical service involving the measurement of nerve cell growth. The analysis process was very time intensive, requiring a scientist to manually trace the length of nerve cell anatomy. Tetrad were keen to find a technology solution to speed this process up, and asked the KITC to help.

What did the KITC team do?

Having understood the current analysis process, we identified a range of off-the-shelf technologies at different price points and "fitness-for-purpose". We presented these options to the Tetrad team, providing a balanced, impartial assessment of each technology, demonstrating how they worked where possible.

What was the Outcome?

The Tetrad team were able to quickly use one of the low investment options that we presented, and demonstrated a significant improvement in analysis time. 

We left them with a clearer understanding of the return on investment needed to justify more expensive technology options.